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From the small boutique to the large research centre, we do social media management. Tailored to your needs, aims and values, Turn of Events will make your social media a reflection of yourself, your business or your corporation. Services From research centres to boutique businesses, we do the following:


• Setting up of social media accounts,

• Building a brand online,

• Spreading brand awareness and identity,

• Reaching a target market,

• Promoting a brand and its services/ products,

• Generating interest and buzz,

• Gaining brands and accounts a following,

• Establishing a foundation for word of mouth,

• Directing traffic and getting ‘clicks’,

• Enabling a brand to be in digital spaces,

• Disseminating information and messages and

• Generating client leads and sales.


Clients and Channels

We have managed social media for all manner of brands- from those with 60+ followers, to those with 200, 000+ followers. Offerings We can manage and setup all of your social media accounts. This can mean setting up accounts on digital platforms or managing already-existing accounts. Managing your social media translates to creating content, posting in accordance with a predetermined schedule, managing messages and encouraging engagement. Platforms We currently manage social media across:


• LinkedIn,

• Twitter,

• Instagram,

• TikTok and

• Facebook.


Get in touch to begin the social media conversation.

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