Why hire an Event Planner?

We know why you should hire an Event Planner, but we’d love for you to know too.

There are 5 major reasons to hire an Event Planner. From cost effectiveness to industry contacts, to taking out the hassle, to supporting local businesses, to ‘we can do it better.’
See below to have your mind blown!

1. Cost effective:

This may be the biggest reason Event Planners scare people. They think they’re expensive. The truth is, we’re a money- saving machine. How so? When you’re planning the event yourself, stressed and unaware of all the hidden costs, you stumble into far greater sums to pay than you had anticipated. Things continually come up. That florist that quoted $350, now costs $500 due to a tulip shortage, that pinball machine you hired was only priced ‘starting’ from $248 and actually costs $378 and so on and so forth. Event planners sum everything up at the beginning in our proposal, before you even begin the journey of having your event put in place for you. The costs don’t suddenly double halfway through and you aren’t left at the end with an additional bill you didn’t see coming. Sure, you need to pay this Event Planner for our services, but the money and pain we’re saving you as well as the invaluable value-add is well worth the fee!

2. Industry contacts:

Do you know florists, djs, caterers, venue owners, decorators, bar staff, child minders, lighting technicians, balloon blowers, cake- bakers, designers, artists, entertainers, MCs, etc.? We do and we know multiple at that. We can get you what you want faster, cheaper and from those who’ll go the extra mile all because of our affiliation. Our contacts are yours, so whatever you need, we can provide because ‘we know someone for that!’ And boy are they good at what they do.

3. Take out the hassle:

Your life is busy enough doing what you do best, so let us do what we do best and plan your event. All you need to do is tell us what it is you want and we’ll make it happen. Simple. Just like having a baker bake your birthday cake, you tell us the type of cake (event) you want and a few of the ingredients (event features like the type of decorations) and we’ll mix it together, bake it perfectly and pop it on the table fully decorated, delicious and ready to devour! You’re the Captain, so what you say goes, but you need the best crew who know exactly what to do to steer the ship. We take out the hassle of event management, so you’re hassle-free and get to enjoy the process.

4. Supporting local business:

By hiring us as your Event Planner, you’re supporting a local business. Need we say more?Okay, we will :) Local businesses support local businesses, who support all businesses, who support you. Your supporting us, supports you. We support local jobs, local produce and local services, your support of us has a direct impact on them. And how wonderful to have had a positive impact on your community.

5. We can do it better:

You’re good, we know it. But we have a combination of 10 years’ experience in events, which may come in handy! If you’re looking to have a themed event, a Winter Wonderland, for example, we know exactly what you’ll need, how much, its costings and how to do it. A smoke machine… we know how much ice you need, how often, that you need to isolate the venue’s smoke alarms (to prevent the fire brigade from weeeowwwing into your event), that you need to keep it away from air flow, how many hours it can run for, how many and what type you’ll need for the impact you want and the company to hire it from. No matter what you’d like for your event, from entertainment- dancers, djs, singers, poets, artists, etc., to decorations- ice sculptures, balloon garlands, chocolate fountains, bouquets of flowers, streamers, etc., we can do it seamlessly for you.
Enough said- we make your dream event a reality. If you can want it, we can give it to you and exquisitely at that :) We can plan your event, host it, market it, whatever it is you need.

So what are you waiting for? This is your invitation to invite us to do your next event. Get in touch today :)