The Birth of Turn of Events Australia

‘Challenging times’ has been thrown about a lot lately- it seems to all be one big challenging time. But that’s like saying that if everyone’s special, no one is.


Challenging times have always led to the greatest opportunity, personally, in business, in society and in history.

That’s why Turn of Events was born out of a challenging time, when COVID had reached its peak and when the world had no idea how to deal with it.

Why? Because in the most challenging of times is the greatest opportunity.


Events businesses were shutting down, closing shop, going into hiding.

But people were still turning a year older, getting married, celebrating new life and conducting business. This called for an events agency that could take all that was happening in its stride.

Enter, Turn of Events. We arrived on the scene, offering COVID- safe events:


·      Online or

·      Socially distanced,

·      With marshals,

·      With pre-packaged catering,

·      Safe handling,

·      Up to date,

·      Creating alternatives,

·      Problem-solving,

·      Rolling with lockdowns,

·      Having great flexibility.


The list goes on and on.


For example, when things were getting a little hectic, we were approached by Red Bull to host an E-sports Tournament for their global Campus Clutch campaign in Adelaide.

We secured the perfect venue based on the restrictions at the time, the number of VIPs invited and the standards of cleanliness. We then ensured all catering was individually packaged, attendees were formally invited, the schedule worked like clockwork, and we had COVID marshals, check-ins and correct distancing for the event. All in all, we were able to offer a service that allowed the events industry to go on.


Therefore, even during the most challenging of times, we were able to gain opportunity.


And then, when things had calmed down a notch, we were ready to craft unforgettable events, from the large-scale social to the private gathering.


We started getting approached by all manner of client, wanting events tailored to them. For example, we assisted in the creation of Drank ‘n Draw, an event series that celebrates art and wine and the way in which the two go very well together. We had a professional artist guide a group in creating painted masterpieces whilst they delicately downed a bottle of wine to dance-worthy music.

We planned the events, promoted them, hired professional artists and digital designers, sold tickets, sourced materials, secured venues, chose themes, decorated accordingly, setup, hosted the events, packed down, cleaned up, did social media and more! They continue to be exceedingly popular and we love doing them for our clients.


Our portfolio since then has extended to such an extent that it’s hard to keep up!

We’ve done the following:


·      Birthday Parties,

·      Launches,

·      Corporate Events,

·      Forums,

·      Weddings,

·      Kids Events

·      Camps,

·      Online Events,

·      Cultural Events,

·      Tournaments,

·      Gaming Events,

·      Outdoor Events,

·      Art Events

·      And much more.


Whether it’s a private event, public event or one you want to sell tickets to, if you can dream it, or just need it done, we can do it.


And now, we’ve thwarted the challenges of the moment all the more, offering social media management as a service, with so many going online. Whether it be for a small business or large corporation- we manage a plethora of channels.

We currently manage social media across:


·      LinkedIn,

·      Twitter,

·      Instagram,

·      TikTok and

·      Facebook.



From research centres to boutique businesses, we do the following:


·      Setting up of social media accounts,

·      Building a brand,

·      Creating brand awareness and identity,

·      Reaching a target market,

·      Generating interest,

·      Gaining brands and accounts a following,

·      Establishing a foundation for word of mouth,

·      Creating buzz,

·      Directing traffic to websites,

·      Getting ‘clicks,’

·      Getting a brand into digital spaces,

·      Spreading a message,

·      Disseminating information and

·      Generating client leads and sales.



Therefore, when there was a challenge to other businesses, we saw another opportunity. As mass public were flooding online, we helped the challenged businesses (usually brick and mortar stores) by capturing this public right where they were- online. Many businesses were not equipped for this shift and we made, and continue to make it, seamless.


Therefore, from the depths of chaos and challenge, opportunities can be found- to start a business, to assist other businesses, to diversity and to take risks. We faced challenges in the ecosystem around us, but instead of seeing this as a deterrent, it presented us with an opportunity to start something new.

Challenges present opportunities and Turn of Events takes this in its stride.